Road Skills

Road Skills can help you with all of these skills, plus much more. We offer a range of courses for riders with varying skill levels, from basic through to very advanced. We can also teach you how to set up your suspension for your style of riding and help you understand how the varying forces on a motorbike affect its handling. Knowing how to brake, corner and accelerate smoothly will make you a better and safer rider

Home Insurance Policy

Three Things You Must Know Regarding Your Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance is one of the most important things you can purchase for yourself. It’s a requirement if you have a mortgage, but it’s a good idea to pay for insurance on your home regardless. Your home is probably the most expensive thing you pay for, which means finding the best home insurance policy is paramount. It’s necessary for you to pay for this kind of insurance to protect your home and your belongings from natural disaster, from burglary, and from the many other things that might harm your home or belongings. Before you purchase a Home Insurance by Youi policy, though, there are a few things you must know about most policies.

Maintain Your Home

Your insurance company is in the business of making money, and they’ll look for any reason to deny your claim. This means they’ll forgo paying items they determine are caused by your lack of maintenance. Your job is to properly maintain your home at all times if you wish to avoid this.

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Sudden and Accidental Damage

One thing people misunderstand is their liability in the damage to their home. Perhaps you purchase a flood damage rider to accompany your home insurance policy because you live in a flood plain. That’s all well and good, but this does nothing to help you if you’re not aware of the contingencies in this policy. Most insurance companies require damage of this nature is sudden and accidental. It’s in the policy, but it’s not advertised in big print. This means you ignoring pipes that leak for many months before finally flooding your home is not covered. It must be sudden storm damage or some other sudden occurrence that floods your home. If it’s not, it’s considered neglect and is not covered.

Coverage Limits

The other small factor you may want to consider is your jewelry and your personal effects. They’re not always covered to the full extent of their value. These items are typically only covered up to a few thousand dollars, which is going to cost you significantly if you have antiques or other valuables worth much more. You won’t get the amount they’re worth, which is why homeowners often require a separate insurance policy for these items.

Your home insurance policy is important, and you shouldn’t cut corners finding the right policy. Your home and belongings are not only important to you, they’re also expensive. You must be able to pay for a policy that allows you to protect an investment of this nature.